Forthcoming events

14th May 2021

Introduction to Trials within Cohorts

Free online talk with Dr Clare Relton

17th May 2021

Hospital based Trials within Cohorts

Free online talk with Professor Helena Verkooijen

25th May 2021

Analysis of Trials within Cohorts

Free online talk with Dr Petter Viksveen

27th May 2021

Ethics of Trials within Cohorts

Free online talk with Dr Clare Relton

Past events

28th January 2021

Introduction to Trials within Cohorts online webinar

Health Research Board - Trials Methodology Research Network (HRB-TMRN) Ireland


23rd April 2020

Introduction to TwiCs within hospitals and other settings

Pragmatic Clinical Trials Unit, Queen Mary University of London 


27th March 2020

Linking long-term longitudinal studies and RCTs

Royal Statistical Society, London

23rd May 2019

Symposium on the efficiency and analysis of Trials within Cohorts

Wellcome Trust, London


7th March 2017

OSSU Workshop on Pragmatic Trials – Trials within Cohorts (TwiCs/ cmRCT) designs for simple efficient pragmatic trials

Clare Relton

Population Health Research Institute (McMaster University), Toronto, Canada


27th January 2017

MRC HTMR Trial Conduct Working Group Webinar – What are TwiCs? And how are they being used?

Clare Relton



7-8th November 2016 

2nd International TwiCs Symposium – Ethics of 'Trials within Cohorts' (TwiCs)

Wellcome Trust, London, UK

Presentations and slides and published report


13th July 2016

HSR (Health Services Research) UK Symposium – The innovative 'cohort multiple RCT' design: examples from UK research

Relton C, Holding E, Bower P, Barber S and Brown L

Nottingham Conference Centre, UK

Oral presentation (pdf) and poster presentation (pdf)


16-18th November 2016

3rd international Clinical Trials Methodology Conference – Review of an innovative approach to practical trials: the ‘cohort multiple RCT’ design

Relton C, Thomas K, Nicholl J and Uher R


Poster presentation (pdf)


10-11th November 2014

1st  International 'Trials within Cohorts' (TwiCs) symposium

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London

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